Pierre P. D. Eghdami is a composer and sonic artist. He delves into the outermost boundaries of sound, music technology, and the forefront of experimental electroacoustic music, instrumental mechanisms, and physicality. His sonic journey ventures into a relentless exploration of morphological intricacies and the perceptual unity of timbre, forging a particular approach to articulation that places special emphasis on the enigmatic realms of undefined pitch and non-pitched sonic materials, fusing heterogeneous and disparate elements into a cohesive context. Through the twisting and convergence of data and sonic materials from various angles and extremes, his work aims for sonic hybridization. This endeavor involves meticulously weaving sonic materials and their multidimensional propellant agents into an idiosyncratic exploration and tapestry of alienation and reorientation. Eghdami's music has resonated in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, including numerous international festivals. His visionary contributions have led to his selection for multiple international projects and has garnered several awards and scholarships.